Sending money with Cash On Card is so easy

It’s hard to be thousands of miles away from the people you care about. But it needn’t be hard to send money back to them. With Cash On Card it’s easy.

What is Cash On Card ?

Cash On Card is an online service that lets people send money to friends and family living abroad, using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It is a convenient, low-cost alternative to traditional money transfer companies that use high street agents and charge high fees.

Money can be received as a bank deposit, cash pick-up, Mobile Money, or mobile airtime top-up.

Cash on Card’s service is available to senders in all European countries.

Our vision

We live in a world of instant global communication. Yet the business of sending money abroad has remained stuck in the past. Many money transfer companies still make their customers visit an agent and fill-out bits of paper. And despite the inconvenience, their rates are often punishing.

Cash On Card brings money transfers online – making the whole process quicker, easier and more secure. We are committed to tackling the industry’s high-fees culture by giving people a low-cost alternative.

Cash On Card also recognises that the way people use money is changing. Millions of us now rely on Mobile Money services instead of bank accounts, so we offer transfers directly to them.

And because we understand the importance of staying connected, Cash On Card enables people to send mobile airtime top-ups. Our goal is to get your money – to your recipient – however they want it – whenever they need it.

How it started

Cash On Card’s founders saw the opportunity to improve money transfers. Having a lot of obstacles to send and receive money to and from their family members living abroad. Every transaction meant an epic journey across the city to an agent who charged a small fortune in fees to send modest amounts of money.

It seemed wrong to founders of Cash On Card that an industry handling billions of dollars every year should deliver such poor service to its customers. Even then, they knew that change was needed. Over the coming years Cash On Card founders, worked with a number of remittance businesses as well as international policy makers.